Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bowers Kidseum

I got word today Tuesday has graduated from the PICU unit and has been moved to oncology! This is great news, she's getting better and can hang out in the less scary ward of the hospital. The PICU team all clapped for her and called her a miracle! I'm so happy for Tuesday.

Today my SIL, Karen, and I took the peeps to Bowers Kidseum. It was a great place for them. Like most moms, I'm always looking for a good place that'll be fun and interest them. More so, a place where I can let them out of the stroller without worrying about breaking anything or having people give me glaring looks. I'm also taking advantage of the fact they're under 2 years of age and usually free admission. I'm going to be really bummed when I have to start forking over the extra dollars :-)

L&B stepping down from the bridge they've crossed. They weren't sure about the floor beneath them not being steady.

A glimpse of all the cool masks and instruments the kids are encouraged to pick up and play with.

Cousin Maggie and Auntie Karen putting on a puppet show. Luke mesmorized by the dragon puppet.

Maggie and Bree dressing up from the trunks filled with international costumes.

I'm amazed Luke knew how to work the rotary phone!

Kids in the Language Exploration room learning different symbols. Actually, just Maggie learning. L&B enjoyed climbing onto the big kids chairs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Since it's Tuesday, I wanted to start with some Tuesday news. Good news - she's doing well and gotten off the vent AND graduated from the PICU unit. For more information, please check out her mom's blog. Also, Sharlene (from our twin moms group), was able to visit Tuesday's family to help out. She has a great recap of her visit on her blog. Seems like our prayers are being answered. Yay!

This is a little late, but I did want to post about our recent trip to LEGOLAND. Unlike Disneyland last year, the kids had a great time. I think it's a combination of them being older and an ultra toddler-friendly park which helped. There was lots for them to do, touch and explore. There were even a few rides which they enjoyed, they just hated waiting in line (who doesn't).

Luke telling me he loves his Legos, bucket and all.

Our first Lego greeter, Bob the Builder.

Inside the Imagination Zone. Kids had a blast here, they had Legos pieces as big as their heads.

Luke standing in front of MiniLand USA. Its a replication of seven regions of the US, made with 20 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale.

Bree loved riding on the train. I think she felt like a big kid. But she cried when the ride was over and she had to get off.

Future fire truck driver.

Luke also digging the train ride.

Here's a brief video of a boat ride. I love the kids' expressions. We had fun getting the kids excited. Definitely worth a repeat visit.

btw, did you know Legos were created in Denmark? I'd just assumed it was American, isn't that presumptuous of me. Typical American :-)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Anaheim Angels vs New York Yankees

We’ve heard some good news regarding Tuesday today. It made my day to hear about it. Tuesday’s mom even posted about it on her blog. And you have to check out the great picture of Tuesday in the side bar. Always praying for you Super Tuesday!

Today we went to a baseball game. Mike’s boss asked if he was interested, and of course we were interested. It was the Anaheim Angels vs New York Yankees. It was the kids’ 3rd baseball game and I’m a little worried they might get used to seeing the game this way. Preferred parking, luxury suite and Cracker Jacks! It’s pretty awesome and the only way I could see a game with the peeps. They can run around inside the suite, I don’t have to worry about them throwing food into people’s hair and it’s shaded so I don’t have to lather on sunblock. Who am I kidding, I’m worried I might get used to this!

It was a pretty exciting game. The home team, Angels, scored 8 runs in the 8th inning. (You should be impressed here since I sound like I know what I’m talking about.) They won the game, final score 11 to 4. I enjoyed it, but I’m such a sap I feel sorry for the losing team. I don’t know what I’m going to do when the kids get involved in sports when they’re older.

Unlike the last game, this time I brought my camera.

Luke chilling on the plush seats.

Bree feeding Luke snacks in the suite.

My cute little guy and gal watching the game.

Woo hoo, another run!

This doesn't look real. It looks like we're super-imposed on the background, but really we were there.

And another run!

Luke didn't like the fireworks when the Angels scored a run. Bree didn't like the rally monkey jumping on the screen.


It's not easy to discipline kids.

I bought this rug to use as a Time Out spot. As soon as I set it down, Luke wanted to lay on it. I think he finds it comforting. He hadn't done anything wrong, but flipped out when I tried to take it away. What good will it be when he wants to lie on it?

This was another one of Luke's suggestion. When he's bad, he wants to be put in Oliver's cage. He's missing the negative connotation of being in the dog house. Sorry buddy, but it doesn't work when you want to crawl in and you close the door. Mama is going to have to think of something else for when you and your sister are naughty. Thanks for the suggestion though, maybe someone else can benefit from it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tutu for Tuesday

A very generous Dana over at tutumonkey has offered a tutu to help raise money and awareness for our Tuesday support group.

Everybody who purchases a Tuesday t-shirt (there are shirts for guys and girls) or onesie from Cafepress by the end of August will be entered into a draw to win a gorgeous pink tutu handmade by Dana.


Just click on the link below or on the button on my left sidebar by the end of August and purchase one of the cute t-shirts or onesies just like the ones I've pictured below to go into the draw.


white tshirt white onesie

All profits from the sale of t-shirts go directly to Tuesday's family so please, please purchase a t-shirt and support a great cause and a family who are very close to my heart. Oh and I should mention that the Tuesday apparel was designed by 2 wonderful members of my multiples group Jane and Christy.