Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jansta...Party of Four

Thank you for everyone's well wishes, emails and phone calls. Sorry I've been MIA. Updating the blog has been weighing on my mind and the past two weeks have been a blur...I didn't mean to leave anyone hanging.

I'm happy and proud to say that on January 30th Lucas Rhew Jansta & Sabrina Rhew Jansta arrived safely.

Lucas Rhew Jansta (Luke)
5lbs 11oz
18.2 inches

Sabrina Rhew Jansta (Bree)
5lbs 15oz
18.5 inches

(I had almost 12 pounds of just babies inside me!)

I had a planned c-section, but unfortunately there were complications which I'm still dealing with emotionally. However, the babies are perfect and healthy with good weights. They both passed their hearing tests and scored 8/9 each on the APGAR test. They went directly to the Nursery, bypassing the NICU which is awesome. Luke and Bree both came into the world crying and screaming.

I'm only able to include this update because Mike's here typing it (hello!) but here's some pictures and I'll try not to let as much time pass until the next update.