Saturday, March 15, 2008

Boy oh boy

As a parent of twins, I have to be fair and balanced. What I do for one baby, I try to do for the other too. Yesterday's post was all about Bree and I've felt the need to do a Luke post asap. It could also be one of my idiosyncrasies where I need to be 'even'. If Mike gives me a love tap on my right arm, he has to do it on my left arm too. Wha??? Isn't everyone like that?

So about my daring, I mean darling, boy. He's my little monkey. I'm amazed at what he can do. The other day while I was doing dishes, it was a little too quiet. Imagine my surprise when I found Luke in the exersaucer. I wondered how the heck he got in there and then the next day I found out. He did it again and this time I caught in video. I haven't put them in the exersaucers for ages, I guess he was feeling a bit nostalgic.

Here's another, the endings a little abrupt. You'll see why -

(we don't have a ball pit, rather a toy pit a/k/a pack n play used as a toy chest)

Lastly, I love father/son or father/daughter shots. Mike is such an awesome dad. Here are my boys (isn't this the epitome of California with the palm trees in the background?) -

Friday, March 14, 2008


When did my baby girl grow up? She's gotten so girly! At the same time, she's incredibly affectionate which completely melts our hearts. So does seeing her with a doll. She hugs and pats their back. It's so cute! Funnily, I wonder where she got this from? Not me, I was never into stuffed animals or dolls when I was little. I had an ex-boyfriend who gave me bags of little stuffed animals he won from the claw machine. I'm sure they made someone very happy when I donated all of them.

Of course after seeing Bree cuddle, we went to TRU the next day and bought Bree her very first baby doll. She picked it out herself.

At home with her new 'baby'.