Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Those of you who received our Christmas card may wonder what or who J&T stood for in our signature line.

Here's your first glimpse of J&T -

Actually, these are all of T. J was head down and not cooperating for his photo op. We joked since they're identical twins, we've essentially seen both their faces anyway.
and J&T stands for - Jacob and Thomas.

Jacob will be known as Jack. Mike and I have always loved the name Jack. Thomas will be called Tommy. Jack & Tommy. I had suggested Jack and Bobby, but Mike nixed that immediately.

The meaning behind the names. As you know (or not), our sons have had biblical names. Matthew was our first born and now we have Luke. We wanted to continue the tradition so we chose Jacob, who was a twin born holding his brother's heel. Thomas was one of the apostles and means 'twin' in Greek.

So there you have it, Jack and Tommy. Coming soon!