Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Great Northwest

Last weekend, we embarked on our first family vacation. We visited my good friend, Kelly and her family at their picturesque home and quaint town. It felt like we were on a holiday staying at a B&B. Amazing food, great conversations and a fun night of Uno Spin (my new favorite game). I have to also mention it was the first plane trip for the peeps. They did pretty well considering, but it was still difficult at times esp when we were on the little commuter plane for the second leg of the trip.

btw, I have to mention Alaska Air is awesome. Some of their highlights -
  • Complimentary beer & wine (tempted, but we didn't partake)
  • Jones Sodas
  • Preboard with kids
  • Functioning website, ability to print boarding passes

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Delta sucks! Why?

  • NO Preboard with kids. In fact, they moved us to the last group. We were the very last to board.
  • Non functioning website, could NOT print boarding passes.
  • They charge you $5 EACH for the plastic bag to protect your car seat (FREE with ALASKA)
  • Couldn't enter our frequent flyer number, told us to call it in (yea right).

FYI - if you have twins (or two small kids) and haven't flown, you should know there is a FDA regulation that does not allow 2 infants in the same row. So either you can sit behind one another or across the aisle. After flying both ways, I'd suggest sitting across the aisle, it's easier to pass snacks back and forth as well as babies.

Here's Mike carting all our bags. For a weekend trip, we brought the basics - clothes, car seats, feeding chairs and of course all my toiletries. That alone took up 3 suitcases.

Not only was it the peeps' first flight, but their first McD french fries. Here's Bree bypassing me and going straight to the source.

Ahhh, they finally fell asleep!

Luke's a more dainty sleeper than Bree.
Kelly's sweet son, Max, with his meanest expression.
Bree falling in love with Davey (poor Oliver!).
The kids loved this big kids table and chair.
Bree and our friend, Scott.
Checking out Scott & Kelly's new trailer.
Kelly and Bree at the park in front of their house.
Luke & Davey
Bree hanging out with the big kids, Max & Quinn.
Quinn, being a lifesaver, and entertaining the babies.
Pretty girls in pink.
Mike helping Max put together his new Bionicle toy.
Scott helping Quinn put together her new toy. (I'm sure he loved us for it.)
Meet our other good friends the Baileys - Papa Bailey, Mama Baily and Baby Bailey.
Peeps and Dad trying to make a fire with a stick.
Kids had a blast because there were so many little people furniture. Here they are lounging on the porch on their bench.
A dog and his best friend.
Ah, this is the life! A great weekend just hanging out in front of their turn-of-the-century cozy mansion.
The men with babies & beers.
Here I am with my little homies (gangsta style with their hoodies).
Gorgeous weather all weekend. We were able to have our last dinner in the backyard patio. Here are the kids digging in.

Such a great weekend and a much needed break. We loved seeing our friends and I'm still amazed how big their kids got. It seems like Max was no bigger than Luke & Bree when we last saw him.

p.s. You do realize my toiletries did NOT take up 3 suitcases, right?