Monday, April 23, 2007

Full hands!

First, let me start off by saying I really have my hands full!

Seriously, how do people do it? Seriously. (I’m channeling Meredith Grey.)

At least it hasn’t been a full month since my last post, almost but not quite. As it is, I’ve got Luke crying and Oliver nudging me with his nose to go out. Btw, ‘Laid Back Luke’ is now ‘Loud Cry Luke’ and ‘Drama Queen Bree’ is now ‘Dream Queen Bree’. Just when I had them figured out, they switch.

They’re getting so big. It’s great to see, but sad at the same time. Part of me can’t wait to take them camping or a baseball game or make cookies, but another part of me wants them to stay as infants. Bree has started cooing and smiling and it’s totally melting my heart. I haven’t been able to catch it on film (there’s an antiquated saying, like vinyl or records), but I’m sure I will soon.

Things are going great, it’s tiring but I’m having fun trying to savor every minute. The kids are well, they’re healthy and advancing every day. Luke’s quite the eater and therefore chunkier. I’m afraid we’re going to have change our sleeping arrangements soon. Right now, we put them both down in the co-sleeper that is right next to my side of the bed (so dad can get his beauty sleep). But their heads and feet are beginning to touch the frame, they won’t last much longer. We do have cribs for them, but I love the convenience of just stretching my arm out and popping the binkie back in their mouth when they wake at night.

(Obviously this isn't us, stole these from the manufacturer's website.)

Unfortunately,I don’t have a whole lot of time to write. The kids are quiet now but will let me know they’re hungry for their next feed in an hour. In the meantime, I’m going to try to finish this post, pump and then wash some bottles. Yea right, that’s being ambitious!

But you really don't care about what I write, you just want to see pics of the babes. This should satisfy you -

One of my favorites. The only drawback is Bree (right) is wearing blue. We have a lot more boy clothes from friends and family with boys. But it's been a great excuse to shop for cute girly stuff!

Love the Podee bottles. They've saved my life when both babies are screaming with hunger.

Bumbo vs Bebe Pod?

Bree needing support from mom & aunty.

"Mom, get me out of here!"

According to the Twin's Mom newsgroup, these seats are a must have. They're still a little young, but I ended up with the Bumbo because it seemed to support them better.

Luke chillin' in his velour outfit sitting on his velour boppy.

Our most recent photo session. The great organic cotton onesies are presents from Aunt Amy. Did you know Whole Foods carries baby clothes?

My beautiful baby girl.

My son with his gorgeous long lashes. He definitely didn't inherit those from me!