Monday, December 15, 2008

Poor Santa



As you can see, Luke cheered up considerably on the train ride afterwards -

Hopefully it'll be easier next year!

Emo means aunt in Korean

In Korean, a maternal aunt is called 'emo'. The paternal aunts are called 'gomo'. Therefore, Mike's sisters are gomo and my sisters are emo. We call them Grace emo and Christine emo. Mike's sisters are called Auntie Ellen and Auntie Amy. There's also Auntie Karen and Auntie Amber. Ok, there's your Korean lesson for the year.

The kids and I are so lucky to have Christine emo make so many fun things for them. I won't be able to make their halloween costumes, but I'll be able to show them how to balance their checkbook. Fortunately, we'll have Christine emo ensure the kids aren't embarrassed by their costumes falling apart.

With Christmas coming up, Christine emo didn't disappoint. First she brought over the kids' their very own Christmas tree for their bedroom. It came complete with ornaments, all handmade by emo.

(little stockings with the initials 'L' and 'S' embroidered on them)

For the latest, she made these ornaments to hang on the big Christmas tree. We chose the pink and blue ones for Bree and Luke. The rest will be adopted by other happy homes.

Would you have guessed they're made from champagne corks?!?!? Looks like I have to do my part and keep drinking the bubblies!

ps Luke & Bree aren't able to say emo. Rather they call Chris and Grace - Elmo. Just like the little cartoon character on their potty seat.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Cards

It's already that time of year and I'm going through our Christmas card list. Like last year's we (meaning Mike) made our own cards. We've used PSPrint. They're awesome and so cheap. We get 500 cards for about $60 (or something like that). So if you'd like to help us get rid of some and would like to receive a card, email me your address.

I know we have some friends who lurk on here but are painfully shy at actually contacting us. Just want to let you know we miss you. Email me already with your info!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We're viable!

I'm a blogging fool right now. Shhh, don't interrupt me, you'll break my streak.

I can't go any further without a mention of the boys, tentatively named J&T at the moment. I'm completely on board, but Mike needs a little persuasion.

I spoke to our surrogate today after her biweekly appt and everything is going well. I'm so thankful we've passed the 24 week mark. The boys are now considered 'viable' in the eyes of the medical community. Which means, if anything were to happen from this moment on, they would do whatever possible to save them because now they have a better chance of surviving. Of course, I'd rather she keep on baking. I would've given anything to have Matthew & Isabel as micro preemies, but they would most likely have issues, severe issues. Right now, I pray the boys are kept safe and inside until they're ready to be born full term and healthy.

Highlights from our conversation -
* Their heart beats were 130 and 140 today.
* Her belly is measuring 32 weeks, even though she's only 24 weeks.
* She's gained 7lbs in the last 4 weeks.
* Apparently they're going thru a growth spurt and fattening up. (I can't but help think we're the wicked witches fattening up Hansel & Gretel.)
* They're kicking on both sides of her.

Best news yet, we're going up for her 26 week appt with the perinatologist. We're super excited to see her and the boys. Since the peri has a 3D ultra sound machine, I'm hoping we'll get some good pics of them!

For Rent

My kids are totally into ride-on toys. If I could, I'd get them every type of car/tractor/wagon/catepillar out there. Seriously, they love them!

Imagine my reaction when I set my eyes on these beauties -

That's right, they're mini coopers for kids! How cool would that be?!?!? But alas, I cannot justify spending $160 PER CAR and I would have to get 2 too. But what if we bought them and then rented them out? Just think, your cutie-patootie could be sitting in his/her very own mini cooper for the week! Imagine the photo ops! The happiness on your kid's face! And best of all, not having to store it after the week is over!

This could be your pea-pod right here -
In the meantime, L&B will have to make do with their 'not-so-cool' little tykes 'mobile.

Thanksgiving and That Dress

We celebrated the kids' 2nd Thanksgiving at Grandma & Grandpa's house. As usual, the food was fantastic and this year we had not one, but TWO deep fried turkeys!
And unlike like last year, the kids were in relatively good health (minus the stomach bug and diarrhea). Still it was a fabulous day and one of my favorite holidays!

We also dressed the kids up for the holiday. I can't believe how big and handsome Luke is getting -

Then there's beautiful Brina. What's going on with that dress you ask? Well, it was a gift from Grandma J. It's not really my cup of tea nor Mike's. But I had an epiphany and realized Grandma J really loved the dress. When she gave it to me, she was hesistant not sure how I'd react. I didn't say anything immediately and took it home. Even though I wouldn't have picked it out myself, I'm glad Grandma got to see her favorite dress on her granddaughter. The more I thought about it, I realized what harm would it be to us and yet what happiness would it bring to Grandma. Just a thought I had and something you might want to keep in mind when you get that handmade/knitted gift from Aunt Beatrice.