Sunday, December 30, 2007


I had a hard time picking Nov's photos. There are too many cute ones. I sound terrible boasting my kids are cute. They are, but it's the photos that are cute or funny. One of our readers "Lois" told me her kids think Luke & Bree are celebrities because they see them on the internet. So I have to do my best and have them live up to the high expectation :-)

I thought I'd start with Bree's latest talent - breaking the laptop's keyboard.

Watching TV instead of playing in their exersaucers.

AMBER & PAUL'S WEDDING - Mike's cousin got married and of course it was an excuse to dress them up. Her colors were a fall theme so I dressed them accordingly. We love orange, it's a good thing it suits them.

Sitting on the pew, waiting for the ceremony to start.

Family shot after wedding.

Bree implying "I don't know this man."

Brothers and their cameras.

Notice the matching bread and bibs.

I love this photo of Bree with Grandpa.

Mike says this is one of those pics 'only a mom/dad loves' (click on the photo to enlarge to fully appreciate it).

Luke's most recent accomplishment. It was cute after the first couple times, now it's a bit annoying :-)

I see a future with Cirque Du Soleil for my son.

Notice how carefully he's balanced. It helps to have chubby feet, better to grip.

Bree enjoying the Pottery Barn catalog.

Another face only a mother could love. C'mon, notice the red nose from being so scrunched up. How cute is that? (click on this one too)

One of the sadder days. Both babies were sick. Bree's temp was 104+ degrees. We used wet wash cloths to cool them down.

AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC - We went again, this time with the kids' cousins, aunts and uncle. Mike was able to come too, his first time.

Bree wondering why her cousin has so much hair than she does.

Daddy and kids in wonderment.

Daddy getting artsy with the camera.

Cousin Audrey getting attacked by the lorikeet (it's on her head!).

I love my daughter.

Back view of Aunt Chris' do.
This is how we feed twins.

To be in this photo, 1) you have to have a baby, 2) born in 2007 and 3) in a Bjorn.

JANSTA THANKSGIVING - It was great because we didn't have to choose one family over the other. Mike's parents invited my family over for a huge dinner. Two turkeys - one deep fried, the other oven roasted! Yum!

The twins' first Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, it wasn't all that for them. Although they were fine in the morning, they started getting sick when we arrived at Grandma & Grandpa J's house. Luke was warm and went down for a nap, missing the big dinner. Bree stayed with us, but didn't like the turkey or anything else. We put her down for a nap soon after. They ended up being pretty sick. Bree's temp was over 104 for a couple days (off and on). Luke's didn't get that high, but he was just as miserable. I didn't get as many pics because I was tending to sick babies. Oh well, next year...

Newly married Aunt Amber & Uncle Paul watching Bree eat a book.

Uncle Eric and Grandpa R.

Grandpa J winning the battle with the deep fried turkey.

In all its glory. Yummmmm
Crazy long table.
Family pic minus sleeping Luke.
My two nieces up to something...
My niece and nephew in sync.


Randy, Tonya, Jayden, Marisol & Flynn said...

OMG I'm so excited that you've updated again. I swear I click on here constantly just waiting ever so patiently for another update. I wish I could remember all the pictures now to comment on each and every one of them. Loved all the Thanksgiving ones. Loved the matching orange outfits for the wedding; the washcloths on their heads to cool them off. What does Mike mean only a picture a mom/dad would love. Tell him I love them too :) Can't wait for the December update.

Jennifer said...

Love all the new pics. How come it says from Dec 30th. I have so checked this past week and they weren't there or I am I going crazy, lol. Love the one of Mike and Bree where it says she doesn't know this man, too cute!!!

Lois said...

Loved ALL the pictures! Your kids are so adorable!

OK, my favorite was your horrified gasp at the end of the video with your little one breaking the button off the keyboard.

Too funny and sadly all too familiar (I was once changing light bulbs in the bathroom and was very careful to put the glass light fixtures out of reach of my oldest. Then I heard a loud crash! She had gotten a STICK so that she could knock it off the counter and break in a thousand pieces on the floor).

BoufMom9 said...

LOL I just readTonya's comments and they could've been mine. LOL I too check here all the time, hoping you updated. (gotta get some pics for your smilebox, ya know. haha)
Anyway, if you know me at all, you know I LOVED the orange outfits! GORGEOUS! The family picture is just beautiful!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Tag! Now you have to go to my blog to see the rules. PS You can thank JK for this one. LOL