Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Yea, I know I said I was going to try to keep up… though, I did have the best of intentions!

I’ve had numerous requests for an update and quick thanks to Leslie, Monica, Rachel, Renata, Amber, Pat, Lois & Lisa for your comments on my last entry. Since I’m a people pleaser, here I am sorting through photos and racking my brain for cute stories.

Here’s a thought on photos – while I love the digital age, it is a pain to keep up, store and organize pics! Just as sometimes I think it might be better not to have very much money or live in a communist society (don’t freak out, I don’t really want to), there’s something to be said about not having so many choices and having to make only limited decisions. Case in point, the thousands of pictures I’m going through. Yup, you read it right. As a first time parent, we’re clicking away like there’s no tomorrow. Except there is a tomorrow and that brings along even more pics. Not only does this make more work for me to go through, it also fills up my computer’s hard drive and slows it down. Thus resulting in a frustrated blogger who doesn’t update her blog very often. Sometimes I think our parents had it easier since they didn’t take as many. But in all honesty, I’m glad to be able to take continuous shots of the peeps even if I end up with 50 pics of them eating their first banana. Ok enough said on the matter, I know you guys just want to see the pics already.

I left off in August but will include August pics because they’re so cute (at least, IMO). In the next couple of days (again, best of intentions), I’m going to post highlights for every month. It’s my goal to be caught up by Christmas.

Before you start checking them out, I have to say how surprised I am at how much they’ve changed. They were chunkers! They still are, but as you can see they’ve slimmed out quite a bit.

Love the Jumperoo. Bree bounced herself until she passed out.

My good friend/college roommate, Tina, meeting Bree & Luke for the first time.

Be warned if you come to visit, I'll put you to work! That's their beautiful little girl, known as 'The Girl'.

Bree doesn't look real here, she looks like a doll.

My multi-talented son inventing new ways to have fun with the binky.

Gorgeous smile, 'nuf said.

Bree's expression cracks me up. She's not happy here.

Another twin mom meet up at the Long Beach Aquarium.

Our friends at the LA Zoo.

My other college roommate, Devi, and her beautiful little boy.

Three men and their babies.

My friend, Morten, trying to soothe Bree with a little music.


The Staab family said...

Finally I get to see more pics of the beautiful babies. I tell ya woman, I'm going to start stalking you for more. We chat nearly every day on-line and you send us nothing, nada, zero. Not good enough. I wanna see more!!!!!!!!!!

Lois, Our Lady of Blogs said...

Those photos are great! Thanks so much for sharing. Your kids are too cute. Who knew that the guy I used to throw spit wads at as he wrote crazy stories about "Joe and Earl" would have such cute kids? I mean, I knew YOU would have cute kids, but Mike?