Saturday, September 6, 2008

Discovery Science Center

In my quest to take advantage of all things free to kids 2 and under, we went to the Discovery Science Center. If you've ever driven on the 5 freeway in So Cal, it's the gigantic cube teetering on the edge of the freeway.

The best part of our visit was that we got in free too! Thanks to Bank of America's Museum on Us promotion, we saved $26 on adult admissions! People, if you bank with BOA, you have to take advantage of this promo! I don't think many people do as no one else presented their BOA card at the ticket window. Tsk, tsk.

Just the girls in our Tuesday tshirts.

The first exhibit we checked out was Animal Grossology. Not surprisingly, Bree didn't like it (she is, afterall, her mother's daughter). Luke didn't mind it as much, although he was cautious. Here he is as far away possible (but curious) from the poop exhibit -

Bob the Builder - Project: Build It exhibit upstairs was more to their liking -

Magnetic blocks which made stacking fun and easy...

Driving with Scoop the Digger

Dad helping figure out Bob's tools.

Our future architect...

and construction worker!

Kids had a blast pushing buttons on the Talkie Talkie and hearing the famous catch phrases.

In front of Wendy's Caravan.

There's my girl, laying stones on the wall. The miniature wheel barrow was too cute.

Surveying the vegetable garden.

Another fun day. So much so the kids are going on 3 hours of nap time! I need to wake them up or else they'll never fall asleep tonight.

ps If you like the Tuesday tshirts the kids and I are wearing, please click here or on the second Tuesday button on the left side of the blog. There are shirts for men, Mike's was in the hamper :-( All profits from the sale go to Tuesday's family to help with their medical expenses. Happy shopping!


Mattam said...

Super cute photos! I love the discovery center. We keep talking about going back. I love the Bob the Builder stuff too!

* TONYA * said...

Every time I drive past it I want to take the kids. I'm going to have to make a point of going now it looks so much fun.

Love the t-shirts. Can't wait for mine to arrive.

Can't wait to see you this week too. Yay!

Sharlene said...

I have always wondered what that was! Thats it, next time I am down there we are going. Looks like fun.

Love the shirts. I am gonna have us wear ours to the circus on Thursday.

CC said...

Great pics! the kids look so cute in their Tuesday shirts! I can't wait til I put the girls in theirs! The muesum looked like lots of fun!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

i love the tshirts!!!!!!!!!! great adventure!!!!!!!!

Jenn H said...

Adorable, looks like you all had a great time. You all look so cute in your Tuesday shirts!