Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey Coz!

I’m not really caught up. You probably didn’t notice the fact that I wrote yesterday’s entry last week. The babies are actually 7 weeks today. It took me awhile to actually post the entry and add the photos. And now it’s taken me only 3 days to mention I have a new nephew. My sister, Grace, gave birth to Sean Gabriel on March 17th, St Patty’s day. He was 8lbs and 5oz and a whopping 22” long! Big and tall boy. He has a full head of hair just like his sister. Visiting Sean was the twins’ first all day outing and their first time leaving OC. They did pretty well, so well we hope to do it again this weekend. Bree and Luke now have 4 cousins. Maggie & Ryan and now Audrey & Sean. I can’t wait for the holidays. It’s going to be wonderfully chaotic!

Proud Aunty moment

Look at all that hair! Bree wants some of it.

Rhew sisters (Roosters) with Sean.

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Kj said...

you all look wonderful -- such a lovely picture of the three of you with sean.

please pass on my good wishes.