Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm back, for now

Sorry dear friends to have kept you in the dark, but now I’m back (or so I think). Luke & Bree are now 6 ½ weeks old. The past month and a half have gone by so quickly, it’s a blur to me.

Well, as mentioned in my last post I had some unexpected complications during delivery. The news was devastating and I’ve spent some time coming to terms with the outcome. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to go into any further than that. What happened was very personal, I don’t mind talking about it in person, over the phone or even email but I don’t want to post it for any random person to read.

So I’m dealing with that and I’m at home with 2 tiny pea pods. They were great weights to begin with, but soon lost quite a bit of weight. It’s normal for babies to lose some of the water weight, but they lost more than that. With the c section and the fact they were 4 weeks early, my milk was slow to come in. The babies weren’t getting enough to eat and the lactation consultants wanted me to supplement very little with formula. As it turns out, Bree ended up losing 15% of her birth weight which was too much according to the pediatrician. So I’m having problems breastfeeding which hurt like you would not believe and I’m failing to adequately provide for my baby. After 2 weeks, I developed a breast infection (mastitis). It was horrible. It’s like the flu except ten times worse. I had a 103 temperature, achy all over and so weak. I was afraid to hold the babies; I thought I would drop them. I finally got in to see the doctor and got some antibiotics. I felt better almost immediately. After not holding the babes for a couple days, I missed them a lot.

A couple weeks later my breasts became engorged. In other words, they became backed up with milk and were rock hard which is very painful. I almost went to the ER, but with many hot showers and heating compresses it finally became undone. Unfortunately, it was also a gateway for another infection and this time it was worse! My temperature rose to almost 104 and this time included vomiting and diarrhea. Let’s just say, I’ve had no trouble losing the pregnancy weight. To top it off, I developed an allergic reaction to the same antibiotics I used the first time. What kind of reaction? Well, my entire body from the palm of my hands to the top of my feet to my entire torso and back, arms and legs were itching like crazy. I was absolutely miserable.

Lastly, my wonderful, supportive and loving mother ended her stay last week. She’s taken care of me for several months while I was on bed rest and then helped with the babies for 6 weeks. It was time for her to get back to her own life which she put on hold for us. Plus she was tired, she was doing so much. My mom is pretty awesome and Mike agrees, we couldn’t have done it without her (well, we might have but definitely not as well).

So I’m a little freaked out having to do this on my own. Having one baby seems like a breeze, it’s having two that’s challenging, especially if one of them is fussy like ‘drama queen Bree’. ‘Laid back Luke’ is so chill, he’s so easy! And here I was nervous to have a boy since I never had a brother.

I don’t know if I’ll have more time or less with my mom gone now. We’ll see. Lucky for us, she missed the little ones so much she and my dad came by the other day. She stocked up our fridge, prepared future meals for Mike and me and bathed both babies (which I’m afraid to do by myself). Oh and mom and dad fed and changed the babies the entire day. It was pretty awesome, I finally had time to vacuum and do some laundry.

So that’s the past 6 weeks in a nutshell. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with the blog (I know I said that last time), but the babies should be settling down and becoming less needy. Here are some pics to hold you over til my next post.


Sabrina fast asleep on her boppy. This seems to help with her reflux.

Luke wide awake, too much caffeine? (j/k of course, I'm not drinking any!)

I really think my boy is incredibly handsome.

Love the pursed lips and chubby cheeks.

Bree waking up slowly.

Bed hog

Bree posing as Trinity from the Matrix (right before she kicks butt).

This is adorable. Their sleeping positions are mirror images of each other. They really are twins!

They're not as sweet as you think.


Kj said...

i'm amazed by your post. i can hardly believe you've found the time or energy.

it's a great post, brea and lucas look wonderful in the pictures -- so healthy and big.

you sound like you're staying upbeat despite the various infections and lack of sleep which is great. i hope that the infections and allergies are behind you now and that it'll be smooth sailing for the next few weeks.

thinking of you always,

k and the clan

Leslie said...

OMG! They are so beautiful! We're glad to hear that you are doing better. 2 infections, ouch. Say hello to Mike for us and hopefully we'll get to see all of you soon.


Heather said...

So adorable!!! Even screaming... but maybe that's because I can't hear them from here! It's so great to hear how everything is going - even though it sounds like you've had a very rough time with the infections and everything. Hope you and Mike will get some sleep and have a nice smooth time for awhile!

Heather & Jason