Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes, it’s my birthday and a good one at that. No need to remind anyone how old I am, just know that it was a big one. Oh my!

The day started great, Mike got my car washed and picked up bagels for breakfast. The doorbell rang and I got a delivery from Snookies Cookies. OMG, if you’ve never had Snookies Cookies, you are seriously missing out. They deliver freshly baked cookies to your door. My wonderful friend, Dana, ordered me every single flavor as well as a carton of milk in a bucket of ice. Not only does this satisfy my sweet tooth, but makes me feel young again. Seriously, how can you beat milk & cookies?

Over breakfast Mike filled me in on what he planned. We were going to Palm Springs taking the tram.

Parking lot of the tram station.

Boarding the tram that holds 80 ppl. It also revolves 360 degrees the entire way up and down.

Pointing out the view to the kids.

Luke didn't like being in the tram, it freaked him out.

We had lunch at the top, Peaks restaurant with its amazing views. The next table over, there was another family celebrating a birthday. The mom’s was May 19th (my Dad’s birthday too) and the dad’s was May 22nd (same as me). Not only that, but they had a 6 mos old baby named Lucas! After lunch, we met another family who had a 1 year old. Guess what his name is? Yup, another Lucas! 'Luke/Lucas' isn’t even on the Social Security Popular Baby Names for 2007!

Bree, my animal lover, freaking out over the 'pet' squirrel they have at the restaurant. She doesn't like rodents.

Look at the sky's reflection on the windows.

Me trying to coax a smile out of Luke.

Mike hamming it up for the camera.

Twins in sync.

The second part he planned was a shopping trip at an outlet mall. Desert Hills Premium Outlet is one of the nicest ones. I was most excited they had a Gymboree store! Of course, I’m human and was also happy to see D&G, Gucci, Burberry, Crate & Barrel, Le Creuset and others. Unbelievably, though, it started raining HARD. So much so, it was impossible to do any shopping. Can you believe I walked away with socks, bib and a hat from Gymboree and nothing else?!?!? Yes, that was a bit of a let down.

Even though there was snow on the freeway (really really bizarre weather, esp for CA at the end of May!), we made it home fine. Here I got to open my presents and cards and eat thai take out. I got my choice of an extravagant gift, a practical gift and a sentimental gift. I’m not sure about the extravagant one, it’s too hard to justify although I did get a mini van last birthday! My practical one is a Blue Tooth Head Set for the car since it’ll be mandatory to have hands free in CA beginning next month. And the sentimental one is a framed picture of me and the kids.

The fun doesn’t end there. Saturday, we’re going to a place I’ve been dying to check out – Sprinkles Cupcakes. I guess we’re taking the goods to our friends for dinner. Authentic home made Italian food and cupcakes. Yummo!

Sunday, he arranged a shopping day with my sisters at Americana. It’s a new shopping center, like The Grove in LA. Very cool, very hip – I’m just looking forward to hanging out with mi hermanas.

Lastly, he called my junior high best friend, Gloria, and scheduled a haircut for me on Monday. Gloria is the only person that’s cut my hair for the past 20+ years. Even when I lived abroad, I always waited to have my hair cut by her. We’re all going to lunch afterwards.

What about Friday you ask? Well he had planned to take me to sushi at our favorite place but our sitter (his mom) isn’t available. I haven’t been there since before we got married, Mike went the night before our wedding with our out of town guests. Yes, it’s been a long time but I hear it’s still really good and he’s still known as the sushi nazi. This is the second time we’ve struck out. I’m beginning to wonder if Mike and I will ever go on a date sans kids. So much for me boasting we were going to have a date every month. I think we’ve been on 3 total and the kids will be 16 months next week.

So yes, I know my husband rocks and now so do you. Thanks Mike, Luke & Bree for a wonderful birthday.


TONYA said...

Mike: you are just the best husband ever. Thank you so much for spoiling your wonderful wife on her birthday. She's the sweetest woman in the world and she deserves the best of everything.

Lisa: Woohoo. You scored girl. Can't wait to see you on Wednesday to celebrate again with you. Big hugs from me. I'm so so glad you had such a wonderful birthday. I love the Cabazon outlet mall (is that the one you went to or is there another in Palm Springs that I will now have to check out?). Love you hon.

albert & angela fontenot said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday. So happy to hear all the fun stuff you got to do!!!

Kj said...

Yeah! So happy for you. Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate.


Jane said...

You are so lucky to have such a hot, fabulous hubby. :) :)

Lois said...

What a fun birthday! Many happy (belated) birthday wishes!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

WOW that sure was a great birthday! i love the framed picture!!!

liz.mccarthy said...

Happy very belated birthday Lisa, thank you so much for your continued support....