Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oliver's DNA result

Several months ago, I sent away for a DNA test kit for Oliver. Since he’s a rescue pup, we have no idea what he is. We’ve been curious what his mix is and people ask all the time about him. He’s a great dog, although he does like to lick a little too much. He’s extremely friendly and loves to play with other dogs. Size or appearance doesn’t matter to him, he’s an equal opportunity canine lover. He’ll go right up to a Pit Bull or Great Dane and play with them as much as a Dachshund or Corgi. Therefore, I couldn’t resist when I came across the opportunity to find out what he is. DNA testing says he’s Chihuahua, Daschund and Irish Terrier. There may be other breeds in there as well, because they don’t test all of them. I’m satisfied with the results and confirmed our suspicions of what we thought all along. We think there might be some Pug in him too because his face is a little scrunched up and wrinkly like one.

Before we found out, we thought he might be part wiener and when Gymboree had an autumn wiener dog line, I had to get the outfits for L&B. It was my intention to have a photo shoot of the kids in their outfits with Oliver. Like other the best-laid plans gone awry, it never happened. The kids are almost too big for the clothes and summer is approaching, so we did an impromptu shoot this past weekend.

I envisioned the kids sitting or standing nicely with Oliver in between them. That so DID NOT happen. It was an ordeal to try to get all 3 of them in the same frame. Finally we had to resort to dog treats. We never had the kids give the treats before because 1) we were afraid they’d eat them (which they tried) or 2) Oliver might get too excited and nip their hands for the treats (which he did not - Good Puppy!). I didn’t get any great still shots, but I did get this cute video.


The Romero-Schroeder said...

Oliver is going to be a fatty if the kids keep on feeding him like that, JAJAJAJAJ

Kj said...

oh me oh my. This is why I love them. Too cute for words. Bree so girly sitting in her chair and Lucas so animated, waiting for his turn.

adorable :-)

TONYA said...

I just love Lucas laughing and laughing. Oh and when Sabrina doesn't put the treat down low enough so Oliver jumps up to get it. Priceless.

Lois said...

Ugh, I can't see this video! I'll have to sneak and watch it at work. I'm sure it's adorable!

Debbie Moore said...

That is so cute!!!

Leslie said...

OMG! They are so big! And terribly cute! Miss you guys.

Noel, Leslie and Pepper