Saturday, August 9, 2008


It's not easy to discipline kids.

I bought this rug to use as a Time Out spot. As soon as I set it down, Luke wanted to lay on it. I think he finds it comforting. He hadn't done anything wrong, but flipped out when I tried to take it away. What good will it be when he wants to lie on it?

This was another one of Luke's suggestion. When he's bad, he wants to be put in Oliver's cage. He's missing the negative connotation of being in the dog house. Sorry buddy, but it doesn't work when you want to crawl in and you close the door. Mama is going to have to think of something else for when you and your sister are naughty. Thanks for the suggestion though, maybe someone else can benefit from it.


Jenn H said...

LOL!!! Tough to punish the little guy when he enjoys what the punishment was suppose to be!

TONYA said...

HA HA HA! Gosh he's a character. Love that little man. Maybe he's putting himself in time-out b/c he knows he's going to be in trouble sooner or later.

Debbie Moore said...

He is so cute!

Shannon said...

I am laughing because I have a couple of photos of my Luke in the dog cage too!!

And the one of him on the rug, well I guess you will have to think of some other time-out spot, LOL!

MamaBriggs said...

LMAO!!! He is too funny!!
When I put AJ in time out Zac always wants to join him, he doesn't understand that time out is a bad place!

I loved him in the dog crate!! He's making a den!