Thursday, December 7, 2006

28 weeks!

Another milestone accomplished! 28 weeks a/k/a 7 months a/k/a 3rd trimester! It eases my mind a bit to have it made this far. 32 weeks is still where I’d like to be, but one of my nurses told me that at 28 weeks the babies have a 90% survivability. Although, a doctor told me last week that babies over 2 lbs have the same statistics. No matter, I’m just glad for each additional day I’m gestating. My next goal is to make it to the 30’s, then 32 weeks. (It’s easier to have the goals more attainable i.e. 2 weeks, than 4 weeks.)

The babies are kicking a lot. It’s not painful, just feels like a lot of stomach rumbling. They’re also sticking out a lot in the front. I wonder if it’s because I have an anterior placenta as opposed to posterior. This indicates where the fertilized eggs first embedded itself into the wall of the uterus. The front wall of the uterus is called the anterior wall; the back wall is the posterior wall. As far as I know, having an anterior placenta isn’t harmful to me or the babies. Last I checked, my waist measured at 45”. I hope I get to 50” or more. I tease Mike and tell him I’m about to catch up to him!

Speaking of my wonderful husband, he walked to the store late last night to get me some ice cream and cookies. Its ok he didn’t get me the right flavor ice cream as I was more into the cookies. It was my first ‘sweet’ since passing the glucose test and I was really looking forward to it. We normally get Nestle Tollhouse refrigerated cookie dough. It comes as one big square but you can break off little squares, stick it on the cookie sheet and bake. When it’s baking, the cookies flatten out and become a nice round gooey chocolately delight. However, last night it never flattened out. Instead, it remained a square and the bottom burned. Since it had been so long, I was glad to have anything that was warm and chocolatey but it was kind of a disappointment (sorry, babe). I wish I could’ve had Tom’s cookies which my friend, Kelly, turned me onto but they don’t carry it at our local market. Geez, do I sound like an ingrate or what?

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Kj said...

yahoo! 28 weeks -- been counting them right along with you :-)