Friday, December 22, 2006

Golden Pig

I’ve had a lot of internet problems lately. Time Warner/Adelphia/Road Runner can’t seem to get their act together. Sometimes the internet goes down 5 or 6 times a day. For someone on bed rest who relies on the internet heavily, this is extremely frustrating. I just got off the phone with the Time Warner rep who wanted me to do all sorts of crazy stuff (i.e. move the computer to get to the back, unplug cables, reset modems, router, computer, etc). Ok, it’s not really crazy but it’s a hardship to be standing and trying to get the back of the computer with my 45” belly in the way. Whew, I was out of breath!

I got a temporary fix, and told the guy that I’d have Mike call back if it was acting up again. He was really nice and told me he is a twin too. (I had explained why I was panting and out of breath.) Funny, I’ve come across several twins lately. The guys who painted our downstairs bedroom are identical twins, the cable rep is an identical twin and the other couple at the LLL meeting was carrying twins too. I watched Jimmy Kimmel the other night and he had Giovanni Ribisi (great actor and brother-in-law to Beck!) who’s a twin (has a sister) and Adam Corolla who just had twins.

Switching gears - my mom and aunt are really excited at the fact the babies will be born next year. Next year, 2007, in Korea and China, is the year of the Golden Pig, which only comes around every 600 years. People believe children born in this year will be blessed with luck for great financial wealth. The wedding halls have been bustling this year in Korea, and the hospitals are already booking up their maternity wards for next year! They are worried there won't be enough room for everybody giving birth. Even though I’m not really into astrology, I’m kind of excited. After all, it’s only once every 600 years! Regardless of whether it's just malarkey or not, it is going to have quite an impact on the society there. I don’t know so much about China, but it’ll be good for Korea. Apparently, the birth rate has declined considerably like Japan. The government is worried there won’t be enough people to sustain the economy (or something like that). So the Golden Pig may be a lot of hype to get people busy making babies, but people are buying into it.

I wouldn’t mind snagging some Golden Pig clothes and tchotkes, I think it’ll be cool for the kids to have memory keepsakes of the year they were born.

Btw, my sister tells me the official Chinese New Year isn’t until February 18th (I highly doubt I’ll still be pregnant at 38 weeks). Therefore, technically our babies won’t be little piglets, but my mom is adamant the New Year starts January 1st, at least for Koreans and I am Korean...


Kj said...

yes, i heard about the golden pig year for koreans. it's pretty cool stuff.

Mark Wilson said...

WOOOHOOO I am so glad your still preggo!!! I read your entire blog this morning, "The List" GIMME a break you would need my truck to haul all that stuff... I am missing my little OCD buddy. Especially yesterday i went to golden star mkt. for some shrimp and it really made me think of you, mike and the babies. Mary and I are so relieved to hear all is going well. Hey guess what my e-mail addy is still the same :) i hope you guys have a great Christmas, you are in my thoughts and prayers... miss ya buddy!!! Mark