Friday, December 15, 2006

Stir crazy

Yesterday was rough. I know my posting sounded upbeat and that’s because I was at the time. However, as the day wore on I got really aggro & stir crazy.

It started with our house. Since we don’t know OC at all, we’re renting. It didn’t make sense to buy; we don’t know any of the cities, much less neighborhoods. Not to mention with the market slowing down (and our house not selling), we didn’t want to jump into owning 2 houses at the same time. So we’re renting. Our major criteria was to be near the doctor my Sac peri recommended. We didn’t want to be more than 20 minutes away in case something happened.

We found a pretty nice house that would be able to accommodate all of us (including my parents and the babies). However, when we moved in the house wasn’t ready. The landlord had promised to paint and replace the carpet of the downstairs bedroom that was their work-out room. Since I can’t go upstairs, this downstairs room is my bedroom until the babies arrive. Those who know me (well), know that I’m a clean freak. But really, this room was nasty. Stains all over the carpet and walls. Do sweat drops stain yellow? Ugh, the thought makes me shudder. But I soldiered on and lived in this room for the past several weeks (barefeet never touching the carpet). 5 ½ weeks later, we moved the bed into the living room and the bedroom was finally painted. 4 days after that, the carpet was finally replaced. (We slept in the living room for a week.) Even though I was happy the carpet was being replaced, I got really aggravated. We were told it would be quick (an hour or less), afterall it was only one small bedroom. However, it took five hours! It seemed neverending. Part of the reason I was so anxious is because there’s only one bathroom downstairs and it’s joined to the bedroom. Did I mention it feels like I have to go all the time?

In the end, it finally got done and the installer did a good job. But my mood had already gone downhill. This is what was going through my mind -

  • My ever patient mom, who feeds me and waits on me, was really getting on my nerves.
    I was tired of eating Korean food, twice a day, every day.
  • All my prime time shows are on hiatus and there’s nothing good saved on Tivo.
  • Oliver, who had spent the past 2 hours outside, needed to be let out as soon as he was brought in (paws wiped already).
  • I really wanted donuts.
  • I was completely bored out of my mind. I wanted to scream.

Today is better. I felt bad for being a spoiled brat yesterday so I’m very nice to my mom who’s helping us out so much. Plus it’s Friday and I’ll be able to spend some time with Mike (provided he gets everything done on the list in time). I am bummed, though, because tonight is Mike’s company Christmas Party at The Fairmont Hotel. I’ve stayed at the Fairmont in San Francisco and Washington DC and it’s a very nice. I suggested renting a wheel chair to I can attend, but he shot it down. I can only imagine what type of food and dessert they’re going to have tonight. I’ve threatened Mike not to bother coming home unless he brings me home some sweet stuff. I guess he’s taking it seriously, he just IM’d me that he’s enlisted some help to accomplish his mission!

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