Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ultrasound appointment

We had a really great doctor’s appointment this morning. The growth ultrasound showed the babies doing well. Baby A measured at 2lbs 15oz and Baby B is 3lbs 4oz. Surprisingly, the girl weighs more even though, initially, her brother was bigger. Btw, there’s no doubt that Baby A is a boy. We were given a pic with his wee-wee in plain view. Needless to say, Mike’s quite the proud papa.

My cervix hadn’t changed either which was a relief. Last weekend, I had round ligament pains all day. Normally I have a couple of them here and there, but this was all day. Since there weren’t any other symptoms with the pains, I didn’t call the doctor. Sure enough, the pains hadn’t affected my cervix.

As usual, I had a whole host of questions for the peri and was reassured on all of them. Since it looks like we’re out of the woods (for the most part), the reality of bringing home the babies is settling in. Apart from a mild panic, we’re very, very happy. Too bad my request to go nursery shopping was shot down. Maybe in about 3-4 weeks in a wheelchair is what I was told. A small price to pay to bring home healthy babies with hopefully a short stay in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).

Last night we attended the Le Leche League meeting I wrote about. It was informative, but not what I expected. I thought there would be more instructions on how to breastfeed, but instead it was a Q&A on whatever we felt like asking. There was only one other couple in attendance and they’re having twins too. Basically it sounds like most everyone can breastfeed. If you’re having a hard time, it maybe because you’re not doing it right. You just need to seek help with someone who’s educated/accredited. My challenge is to tandem feed (both at the same time). The EZ-2 Nurse pillow I mentioned yesterday was brought up again last night. I kind of wish I could try it out before getting it. And is the foam pillow better than the inflatable one?

There was some new-agey vibe to the meeting. They didn’t totally frown upon my c-section birth plan, but it didn’t sound like it met with complete approval either. It’s not my fault due to a previous surgery, my uterine walls are weak and I won’t be able to push for a vaginal delivery. I almost wanted to ask if it was preferable for my uterus to burst and have the babies’ mother die on the table? (Hormones talking now, not me.) I also know it’s important for the babies to bond with the mother soon after birth, but what if the babies are early and have to be whisked off to the NICU? The LLL leader kept saying I can insist on having things my way, but I’m not the medically trained professional here. How do I know if my insistence isn’t at the risk of the babies’ health? So much to think about. I’ve been so focused on keeping the babies inside me that I haven’t given much thought to what happens when they come out. Oh my gosh, we're having babies!?!?!?!


Kj said...

oh the panic, the panic and the excitment of it all!

i'm all ready to invade your email box with resources of breastfeeding and nursing supplies so watch out for it! :-)

btw i felt the same way about LLL as you described. i'll work tonight on writing up "stuff" i wish i knew about breastfeeding when maggie first arrived.


Rachel Breen said...

I had problems breast feeding all three of my babies! I have yet to find anyone who could just nurse right off the bat with no problems (and this is in Utah where everyone has 6-8 kids!!!). I never went to LLL meetings, but I had the books. They were informative, but I really like my lactation consultant (I found a good one after going through a ton of bad ones). Just keep asking for help and don't be discouraged if you have to bottle feed. I can't imagine twins! You're awesome!