Friday, December 29, 2006


My sisters and I have sometimes referred to each other as kanga-rhews. Being pregnant, I feel more like a kanga than ever before. Carrying these two in my belly, I wonder how those marsupials manage. My back is killing me! I know this is perfectly normal. There’s a whole bunch of extra weight in front of me and my spine isn’t used to it. I don’t have the greatest posture to begin with (thanks to years of accordion practice), but now I’m fighting to straighten my shoulders. I’d really love to have my back cracked, but bending over is out of the question. Even lying on the couch has gotten uncomfortable. I can’t find a comfy position that lasts very long.

I’m also out of room. Even though I’ve got a license to eat whatever I want, I don’t have the room! How unfair is that? I’ve got a 2lb box of See’s Candies, a 3ft long box of Trader Joes Chocolate Mosaics, brownies, gingerbread cookies, swiss almond cookies and a slice of Doughboy’s red velvet cake (my favorite!) all sitting in my kitchen but I have no desire to eat of it. The acid reflux doesn’t help matters any. Instead of the awesome holiday treats, I’m loving my TUMS. My nurse who came to administer my shot today told me my internal organs are crammed up high. They’re all squished together. Imagine that?!?!

I hope I don’t sound too whiney. This is my outlet and my blog so I can say whatever I want and feel. And since these feelings are at the foremost of my thought, you get to read all about it. What else have I been up to? Netflix, one of the greatest services around has been a life saver. So far I’ve watched ‘The Break-Up’ – thought it would be funnier, didn’t think it was all that. ‘’Devil Wears Prada’ – also thought it was mediocre. Its saving grace was the DVD included a gag reel, my favorite part of the movie. ‘X3’ – good two hour distraction. And lastly, ‘DaVinci Code’ – it was good, although it felt like I was watching the Cliff Notes version of the book. Movies are great; I get caught up and forget I’m pregnant. Even after the movie is over, I tend to replay scenes in my head and dwell on them. My sisters are great to discuss movie details, but Mike’s over it the moment we hit the eject button. I figure I should watch as many movies as possible, before I’m subjected to Baby Einstein and Sponge Bob. Thank goodness Barney seems to be over (it is, isn’t it?).

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Leslie said...

I love your blog. Noel and I have started trying and it's exciting to read your experiences. Congrats on making it this far and we expect an invite after you guys (and gals!) get settled in.


Leslie and Noel