Friday, January 19, 2007

1 week, 4 days

Just had to include another sun worshipping picture of good ol' Ollie. Did I mention, he moves with the sun? He's such a good puppy, I really hope he gets along with his new roommates!

Mike left this morning at 6.15am for a flight to Sacramento. His dad is meeting him up there and they’re packing up the rest of our stuff left at our house. All the stuff that didn’t fit in his car the last time he was there. They’re also bringing down our fridge which is great. I know we’ll need an extra fridge in the upcoming months.

Our house was supposed to close today, but frustratingly the buyer’s agent forgot to have them sign one document. So now we’re back at our original close date of 1/23. I’m just anxious for the deed to be done. I won’t completely relax until it’s totally complee. I worry that something could change at the last minute. It would be a relief to have this over and done with. After all, we moved out almost 3 months ago!

Mike probably won’t be home until late tonight. I just hope he doesn’t get stuck at the grapevine. Yesterday, they shut it down for awhile due to icy conditions. There were reports of snow in Malibu! Quite a change considering they had the major fire last week that burned down Suzanne Sommer’s home.

I get nervous when Mike’s away. What if I go into labor? What if the babies decide to come when Mike’s 425 miles away? I’ve got to stop and relax. If I don’t, I might work myself into a frenzy and start labor on my own! Yesterday, I had a pretty active day. So it’s not surprising my belly was contracting frequently last night. Not regular contractions, just more of the Braxton Hicks. That coupled with my increased appetite (I'm back to my hobbit frequent meals i.e. 1st dinner, 2nd dinner) has me feeling huge. Belly looks the same, but it feels much heavier and is tauter. Getting up is much more of a challenge now as is rolling over. Wow, how do women with triplets or quads handle it?

I really hope I can go to Target this weekend. I’m going to borrow their electric scooter (I always wanted to ride one of those!) to get around. And hopefully, we’ll be able to pick up some more essentials - namely diapers. Believe it or not, it’s not easy to find diapers in newborn size. We have a couple packages, but from what I hear it’s not going to last us very long.

Oh, and I checked with the doctor’s office yesterday to see if we could move the amnio and c section back by a few days but no luck. The Peri won’t be there. So it looks like these kids will be January babies. The countdown is on! 1 week and 4 days to go!


Leslie said...

Just wanted to say hi and good luck. We're still regular readers. Missing you guys!

Noel and Leslie

Rachel Breen said...

Hopefully you did OK while Mike was away. That's so frustrating about the closing of your house. The countdown is on! This is so exciting. I totally agree on the stocking up on diapers. I always bought tons before a baby was born -- you're going to be wiped out taking care of two little ones, so you definitely don't need any late night trips to the store buying diapers. Be sure to buy really good quality newborn ones because their pooh just oozes out onto their clothes, bedding, you, etc. Once they get older, you can get away with the cheaper ones. Of course, as you've realized by now by my comments, I'm all about not spending any money. Did I mention that I'm married to an artist? (In other words, we're poor)