Monday, January 29, 2007

This time tomorrow!

First I’d like to start off by thanking everyone who has sent us encouraging emails with their support, love or advice. I may not have responded to you all, but I read them and then read them aloud to Mike and vice versa. It’s an amazing feeling to know so many people care about you even if we haven’t seen each other in ages or live oceans apart. Thanks again everyone! And we can’t wait for you to meet the new additions!

I guess I have one more post in me before the pea pods are here. I had the amnio this morning. Ouch! It hurt! And then I kept bleeding which didn’t help my squeamish side. Afterwards, they monitored me (another NST) to make sure there were no ill effects from the procedure. Fortunately, they only did the amnio on one baby. They chose the one that was most accessible and that was girl. Everything went well and the doctor thinks they’re ready judging from the color and particles of the amniotic fluid (remember, this is their pee they’ve been breathing and drinking). Even though we’re not ready for them gear-wise, I’m ready for them to come out. It’s been sooo hard lately – heavier belly, increased number of contractions and constant pressure down there.

The NST was hard, the nurse couldn’t get a decent reading on their heartbeats. Boy is deeply embedded in my pelvis so the nurse was getting the same heartbeats on the monitor from the girl. It took a lot longer than usual. Then once she got the heartbeats, they decided to go to sleep so she had to wake them up with the buzzard again. Girl did not like that at all, she either punched or kicked my belly hard in protest!

Some of you have asked why we’re delivering so early. A couple reasons - mainly I can’t labor. I had extensive uterine muscle removed a while ago while having fibroids taken out. Since I don’t have very much muscle left, the doctors are concerned my uterus may rupture if I labor and/or push. And secondly, my doctor will be out of the country beginning Wednesday for WHO (World Health Organization). Even though I’m nervous about meeting them, I’m ready for them to come out. I’m starting to swell and losing the small amount of mobility I had left. Oh and one more thing, its bad enough knowing I’m going to have surgery. And I can’t eat or drink anything past midnight. But I just found out today that I probably won’t get to eat anything until the day after, Wednesday! OMG! They want me to go from eating 6 small meals a day to cold turkey! I’m worried how I’m going to handle the no food part. (Kelly – I’ve been having a root beer float every night for the past week!)

As it is, I had a bit of a scare on Saturday. The nurse administering my NST said I was having frequent contractions. I told her I didn’t even feel most of them but she felt the doctor on call would want me to go to L&D. I panicked when she told me that. I kept thinking ‘my hospital bag isn’t packed’, ‘the babies’ bag isn’t packed’, ‘laundry isn’t done’, ‘I need to wash my hair’ and a multitude of other trivial excuses that seemed very important at the time.

So this time tomorrow, I hope to be in my hospital room holding our babies. You know, since we did IVF we know exactly when they were conceived and now we know exactly when they’ll be born. I was talking about technology with an old friend (who’s also expecting a baby via IVF on 2/16) and we are both so thankful we live in a time where these medical advancements help us have the family we wouldn’t otherwise have. Pretty cool, eh?

For fun, and if you’re inclined, I’d like to hear what people’s guestimate will be on the babies weights. The one who is closest will have the baby named after them (not really, but we may use a letter or two from your name). Feel free to note it in the Comments. Ok, now I’m really signing off. Hopefully I’ll be back in a week or so.



Rachel Breen said...

This is so exciting! I'm horrible at guessing baby's weights (I have no concept of mass), but here goes: baby girl, 5 lbs 4 ounces and baby boy, 3 lbs 15 ounces. Feel free to name at least one of them after my last name, Breen (feel free to take off a letter) and my daughter's name, Lucy (feel free to change the last two letters). Good luck!

Lisa said...

The big day is finally here!
I'll be saying a prayer that all goes very well for the whole Jansta family tomorrow, and that the babies are both healthy and wonderful!

My guesses on weights:
5 lbs 7 oz for the girl
and 5 lbs 3 oz for the boy.

Much love and happy thoughts to you and Mike!
Cheers. Lisa Amore

Darren Breen said...

I say for the boy, 4 pounds 8 ounces and 4 pounds even on the girl. My picks for the names are Ignatious Stipe Jansta for the boy and Condoleezza Noodles Jansta for the girl.

Anonymous said...

lis, just wanted to tell you that we'll be thinking of you all day today...can't wait to see the pictures! love t, m and v

Mark Wilson said...

ok here we go i think boy will be 4lbs 14ozs. and pretty girl will be 5lbs 1 oz. We cant wait for pics!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I've been speed reading about once a week to see what's going on and now this!


Did you let Mike out to wet the babies head? Not sure how that works with twins, probably have to drink twice as much.

Big hugs and kisses all round from the Vale's in Vegas!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea-- just get back to us already and tell us!! Don't leave us hanging anymore! We're waiting with bated breath and praying all goes well. d,d,r

Leslie said...

I'm late to the game, but not forgotten.

Girl - 5 lbs 2 oz
Boy - 4 lbs 11 oz

And I don't have any name suggestions, but then again I have "e's" and "s's" in my name so maybe I'll get lucky. Hope everything went well, and I will be calling to check up.


Anonymous said...

lis, mike...where are you guys? we are all wondering how you are all doing!!! please post when you are the meantime, does anyone have lisa's email? for some reason, it didn't save. thanks. Tina Fanelli

R K said...

girl - 4lbs 11oz
boy - 4lbs 3oz

hope mom, dad and babies are well and getting lots of food and sleep. can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the delivery! we're next! aaarggghhh!!!

M said...

Hey, slacker, come back and update your Blog!!! Love, M

Heather said...

Okay - Jason and I are going with girl - 5lbs. 4 oz. and boy - 4lbs. 10 oz. - we can't wait for photos!

Hope the whole family is healthy and going home soon! XOXO Heather & Jason

Anonymous said...

I love the pics! I check in on you guys when I can which is rare these days :( Glad your family is thriving!

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