Monday, January 15, 2007

Busy Weekend

Our sun-loving Oliver who's also incredibly lazy here. In the mornings, he follows where the sun shines. Here's, he's too lazy to move his be-hind, so it stays on one step and he moves the front half of his body so his face is in the sun.

After I posted my entry on Friday, the nurse from my Peri’s office called with the amnio date. It’s scheduled for Monday, 1/29 and if their lungs are mature, the c section will be Tuesday, 1/30. That’s in 2 weeks! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I don’t know why I’m panicking so much. It’s only a few days earlier than what I’d been expecting, but 2 weeks just seems so soon! It’s really going to happen! They’re coming! Now we really got to get our butts in gear.

Initially the nurse called about me doing a NST (non-stress test). I thought it was a routine test for all pregnant women until I spoke to my sister who’s never had it done. Then I found out it’s only done for high risk pregnancies. Since I qualify, I got to go to L&D (once again) on Sunday to be tested. It has to be done twice a week, at least every 4 days. We spent another 3 hours at the hospital. The babies did great, but at one point the doctor scared us and I thought I was going to remain in the hospital until delivery. Turns out, the cervix was longer than she originally thought and I got to go home. If it was shorter or had started to dilate, I would’ve stayed and delivered soon after. Even though I’m reassured the babies would do well and have no problems if they were born now, it seems way too early for them to arrive. Thankfully, they’ve decided to stay put for the time being.

There was an upside to the visit. I got a cure for my acid reflux (which has gotten so much worse) and the ok to take Robitussum for my cough which has been lingering for a while. The coughing has caused some cramping in my stomach (remember, I haven’t had any sort of exercise or activity so tensing my stomach is quite a work out and makes it sore). The babies’ growth spurt I mentioned previously also contributes to stomach pains. Even though I’m soooo uncomfortable, I really want them to stay in my belly for a while longer. I also try to stay horizontal as much as possible. When the doctor checked me yesterday, she told us boy’s head is very low and she could feel it! No wonder I’m uncomfortable sitting up, I’m squishing him!

I also got other news on Friday, my email pal, Tarra, had her babies. I’ve never met Tarra in person, but have talked to her on the phone and kept in touch via email. We met on the PROM site, we both lost babies last year. She lost Morgan, her son, 6 weeks before we lost our twins. She became pregnant with boy/girl twins this year and just delivered on Friday! At 37 weeks! I’m so happy for her and her husband.

Saturday, my sisters arranged for a small family shower at our house. We had siblings, parents, in-laws, aunt, uncle, niece and nephew. Even though we’ve been in OC for almost 3 months, we haven’t seen many people. I was lying on the couch for most of the time, but it was the first time I wore make up in 4 months! It was really nice to see everyone and receive their well wishes. It was fun having people over, I’m looking forward to when I’m up and about and I can be Martha Stewarty. Although my sisters did a pretty good job, Chris made a hummingbird cake and Grace made daisy cupcakes and earthworm cupcakes.


Hummingbird Cake with Piglets (representing Year of the Pig)

Mike and I comparing who's bellies bigger.

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