Monday, January 22, 2007

8 days!

I don't think I look that big, do I?

Yes, the countdown is on! 8 more days now. It’s so surreal. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve miscounted the weeks and I’m actually in my 20’s, instead of 34 ½ weeks. Although my waist measures at almost 47”, can I really be so close to meeting the little ones? That Mike and I are about to become parents? Is anyone really prepared for the birth of their first? Or am I just freaked out at the thought of delivery?

We’ve been scrambling to get things ready. Mike stayed up until 2am (I did my part by keeping him company) on Saturday night washing clothes, blankets, bibs, etc. We got a lot of clothes on loan from friends and family. At least I’m confident our babies won’t be naked. But this morning, I’ve spent following up on our car seats (ordered on January 4th) and doing research on cribs (I’m so burnt out on researching!). Of course, the ones that we like is not in stock or is so darn elusive. I’m also trying to find the best deals since we have to buy 2 of each. Initially, we thought we had a few months to shop for cribs, but after washing all the clothes we realized we had no place to put the clothes. Hence, we need to find dressers (with matching cribs) asap.

Suddenly, the pregnancy has gotten a whole lot harder. Rolling over in bed at night is almost impossible without pain. My belly is rock hard and the weight just knocks the breath out of me (or squishes it out of me). I’m also having a hard time differentiating between contractions or their head and butt. Both are pretty hard and solid to the touch. And even though I’m taking Pepcid, my acid reflux is back with a vengeance. I realize now TUMS are for amateurs. Unfortunately, I can’t take as many Pepcid as I did with TUMS – bummer!

But I did get to go to Target this weekend. I missed Target! I got to ride around in one of those electric scooters. They’re pretty tricky to navigate. I don’t know how the elderly are supposed to maneuver them. Granted I’m not the most coordinated person, but some of the aisles are pretty narrow. Got some more diapers (which is always needed). I’m also trying out different brands. Some people swear by Pamper Swaddlers, others love Huggies and a few loved Luvs. Mike also got White Cloud (at Wal Mart) just because they had John Lennon illustrations on them. Apparently, you won’t know which brand works best on the babies until you try them. What works on girl, may not be so good for boy. So it’s all trial and error. Hopefully we’ll find the right ones sooner than later. I can’t imagine a leaky diaper is very much fun!

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