Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oscar, the Grouch

Did you miss me yesterday? I wasn’t very good company. Just call me Oscar. I was grouchy, cranky, irritable and uncomfortable. It’s probably due to the fact that I didn’t sleep well the night before. I was up every two hours going to the bathroom and then frustrated when I hardly went. Not only that, but when I feel the slightest urge to go, I have contractions/tightening. Since the babies are getting bigger, the tightening covers my entire stomach now.

On top of that, my legs were terribly sore. I’m supposed to sleep on my side to promote better circulation for me and the babies. Plus when I lay on my back, I have trouble breathing. I think lying on my side, though, cuts off some circulation to the bottom leg because I would wake up and it would be sore and asleep at the same time.

I tried rolling over every couple of hours, but that’s not an easy feat either. It helps when Mike holds my belly while I switch sides. But in the middle of the night when he’s asleep, I don’t get the added support.

Then in the morning, I had an insatiable desire for Hawaiian Fruit Punch. Remember, the commercials? “Hey, how about a nice Hawaiian Punch?" (Just what the heck was Punchy supposed to be and what was that red thing on his head?) The craving passed by that afternoon, but I awoke this morning wanting it again. I guess Mike’s going to have to get me some of that. Nothing like having an unfulfilled pregnancy craving!

I think it’s their growth that’s causing my belly to ache. I had a cramp/stitch on my lower left side for a couple days. Fortunately, it’s finally gone today. Btw, my waist measures at 46 ½” today. I don’t think I’ll make it to 50”, but I’m ok with that. Really, I am. I didn’t realize it was going to get sooo uncomfortable these last couple weeks. As much as I want the babies to be over 5 lbs each, I’ll settle for mature lungs and good feeds.

That’s something I’ve read about babies born 36 weeks and under. They have feeding issues because they’re too young. I have to prepare myself they’ll probably need a bottle at first. I really want to breastfeed. Even more so now after reading about how other twin moms are spending $600/month on diapers and formulas! If I want any $ leftover for retail therapy sessions, I’m going to have to have them latch on.

My last comment of the day is regarding my crappy internet connection. I don’t know if it’s Time Warner, the modem or our router, but our internet goes down all the time! I have to reset the modem, router and then the computer every day, sometimes twice a day. Not the end of the world, but a real pain when you’re supposed to be lying down as much as possible.

Wow, complain, complain, complain. Imagine if I had posted yesterday!


Rachel Breen said...

I'm so sorry that you're so uncomfortable! I hope that it gets better. Did you ever get your Hawaiian Punch? My second baby didn't have a sucking reflex at first, so I had to pump and then feed him through a tube in his mouth. It was an all day affair. Luckily, he figured out how to suck after about a week. If you do have to pump, try to rent a breast pump from your hospital. They're so much better than the ones you can buy at the store and they don't cost that much. Good luck with everything! Try to get some rest. You're awesome!

Marky-Mark said...

Hey little buddy, I am SOOOO glad yer still preggo. Sorry about you being so uncomfortable!!! I will sit down and writ you a full page e-mail ( i have been exercising my hot dog fingers) miss you guys miss mary sends her love and paryers... and me too of course... tell Mike I said he's Da MAN...