Friday, January 26, 2007

4 days!

Cute Oliver picture of the day.

My mom’s been curious as to what the babies look like for quite a while. I don’t think I’ve thought about what they look like, more like what life will be like. I tell Mike life is about to change as we know it. Life has already changed since I found out we were pregnant, but it’s more of a temporary change (being on bed rest and not going out). I wrote about what it’s like to be on bed rest awhile ago. How it felt like I’ve always been on it and how I’ve gotten to a point where I’m almost afraid to venture out in the ‘real world’. But lately, I’ve been thinking about introducing the babies to relatives and friends. Pushing them around in their stroller, days at the park or the zoo. Sounds a little too idyllic, don’t you think? I'm daydreaming and romanticizing it, aren't I?

As for what they’ll look like? Who knows? Maybe like Keanu Reeves? Or the gal that plays Lana Lang on Smallville? Actually when I was younger, there was a mixed family at church and the kids looked Mexican (even though they were half Korean and half White). They were pretty dark skinned. When I attended the Le Leche meeting a couple weeks ago, I was dumbfounded by a white woman with light brown hair breastfeeding a 100% Asian baby. I thought she had adopted this little girl and was able to breastfeed her. She had an older daughter (about 4 or 5 years old) who was mixed (half Asian/half White), but the baby is 100%. After hearing her tell her experience, I realized the woman had birthed the Asian baby! It blew my mind. Her husband is Korean and there was no trace of the mother in the baby. I know I’m going to think our babies are gorgeous whatever they look like. But now that I've been talking about it, I wonder if they'll take after Mike or me or both or neither...

I think my husband is pretty cool. He’s also a stand up, very decent person and would do anything for us. He’s been my punching bag through this very hormonal journey and still thanks me for carrying the babies (even when I'm at my absolute worst)! I guess others think he’s awesome as well; his office threw him a baby shower the other day. It was really sweet and generous. I’ve never met any of these people (although I think I’m kind of infamous due to the Christmas party dessert demands) and Mike’s been there for only 3 months.

We got some pretty darn cute onesies and a really cool diaper cake (I’ve never seen one before).
Someone also gave a beautiful personalized keepsake box. The shower sounded very nice, I’m bummed I couldn’t be there.

I think I have another post or two left in me, but there is a possibility this might be the last one for the time being. My amnio is at 9am on Monday, 1/29. I should have the results by the end of the day. If all looks good, then I show up to the hospital at 6am on Tuesday. I’m the first one that day! The hospital has no wi fi, so I probably won’t post anything until I’m home.

Please say a prayer for us!


Leslie said...

We're praying for you guys! It's been such a joy to read the blog. We still feel like you all are still around the area. Pepper misses Oliver and we all miss you and Mike! Good Luck!

lorelei said...

Aren't Diaper Cakes so cool?! I'm so excited for you guys. As for what the babies will look like...based on my experience with both kids, who look nothing alike today, I'm guessing they'll come out looking a lot like Mike. I read somewhere that newborns look like their fathers due to natural selection. Prepare to be amazed!

Rachel Breen said...

I'm so excited for you. I'm sure that your children will be beautiful. Mine looked like little grub worms when they were first born, now my girls look just like my husband (but without the beard) and my boy looks just like me. Good luck with everything! I've really enjoyed reading the blog.

Mark said...

Lisa & Mike,
Our prayers and hearts are with you guys. You'll be fine, this is the moment you have labored so hard for. Both of you will be wonderful parents. I want some pics as soon as Mike is able to send some. Alag take it easy on the doctors…lol we miss you guys!!!

Marky Mark & Miss Mary