Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dr appt

I had an appointment this morning. Everything looked great, another good visit. We started with the growth ultrasound. Baby A (boy) is weighing 4 lbs 2 oz and Baby B (girl) came in at 4 lbs 15 oz! She’s one ounce away from 5 lbs! The doctor said there’s no concern for the 13 oz difference between the two. They’re two separate babies and are growing at a different rate. The boy is completely average, right along the 50% percentile on the chart (and that’s for a singleton!). In fact, he's right on target according to this weight chart (remember, I'm 33 weeks tomorrow). The girl takes after her parents. I was almost 11 lbs and Mike was 9 lbs. On the other hand my sister, Christine, was 6 lbs. The doctors weren’t concerned with the discrepancy, said it was fine.

Peri said I was doing ‘swimmingly well’. She’s so confident about my progress she scheduled our next appointment in two weeks. When I asked her guesstimate on the babies’ birth weight, she said they grow about .5 pound/week. Although with twins, it might be a little slower. So if I’ve got about 3 weeks, then they might gain 1 ½ pounds. Girl might be 6 ½ pounds! Boy might be a little over 5 lbs. A lot of people I know have had big babies, including my little 5’ 2” sister, in the 8-9 lbs range. To them, it may sound like our babies are little but if you add them together you’ll realize I’m already carrying over 9 lbs of babies now. Add a liter of amniotic fluid each and the two placentas, well you get the gist. It’s no wonder, I’m a bit uncomfortable.

When my SIL, Karen, guessed the birth weights to be 6lbs 2oz and 7lbs, I was blown away at the thought. Although it’s unlikely I’ll get that big, I may only be a pound or so off her guess. Oh my gosh!

And even though the doctor is pleased with my progress, she suggested having back up car seats when I told her about the back order. Just goes to show, we don’t know when they’re going to arrive. If everything does go according to plan, I’ll have the amnio at 36 weeks and the c section the next day. She doesn’t want me to go too much further than 36 weeks, so we might be looking at having them first week of February! Right before our 7th wedding anniversary.

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